About Us

Outrigger Youth Athletics, or OYA, is a 501c(3) non-profit organization founded in the Summer of 2018.

Our mission is to provide opportunity for youth in sports and sports-related activities.

We established our volleyball program at the start of 2019 and currently provide volleyball clinics as well as a club program for competitive athletes.  We are looking to expand into other sports programs in the near future.


Outrigger Youth Athletics

( OYA )

Coach Boo

Hello.  My name is Isebiu Paul Reyes.  In the volleyball world, I go by Coach Paul or Coach Boo.

I am the Founder, Director, and Head Coach of OYA.  I started OYA as a non-profit because, when I was searching for sports programs for my daughter, I could not find a place that was all high quality, family oriented, AND affordable, so I decided to start up my own program, and that became OYA!



Our sponsors are what help enable OYA to keep the cost down for our families.  Their commitment and support give us the opportunity to help each athlete in our programs  just focus on the court or field.  Thank you to all who have contributed to our growth this past year.  We would not be where we are without you.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to support Outrigger Youth Athletics, please contact us.

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Outrigger Symbolism

     Outrigger Youth Athletics is named for the outrigger canoe.  Say there is a child and the ocean is its world.  Without support, life would be extremely difficult.  So the parents, family members, friends, and school become the canoe, which is the foundation for survival in this child's world. But the canoe as a base does not always allow for stability in rough waters.  OYA acts as the outrigger.  It is an extension of the canoe that opens up opportunities for the child to move about and navigate parts of the ocean that may have been out of reach previously.  Sometimes, all one needs is a little extra support to follow one's dreams, and that is what the outrigger provides.



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